About Us

“Zymmo is a Video first content discovery & e-commerce marketplace for FOOD. We all know how powerful video is and we are encouraging this. It is creating an engaged community that’s at the intersection of Creators, Content & Commerce.”


What does Zymmo do? 

Zymmo gets creators, consumers and brands together on one platform to enable discovery, collaboration and commerce. Food brands get to showcase their videos on Zymmo, drive sales through discovery, surface their entire inventory with delivery scheduling options, accept payments for sales and are able and fulfil last mile delivery to customers through integrated delivery solutions on Zymmo. 


How does Zymmo work? 

At the heart of Zymmo, it is a very sophisticated recommendation/ matching engine. This algorithm encourages users to discover Brands, Food products & creators on the home page of the Zymmo app – called the Explore page

A user can come to Zymmo looking to watch a video of his/her favourite chef or just to browse food or even to buy his favourite brands and in the process they discover, explore and experience a lot more than what they originally came for. 

This convergence of experiences is what will eventually drive people to come and spend more time on Zymmo. 


There is a 3 way matching system at play here – 

Food Content is matched to Creators & Brands. Creators content is matched to food content & Brands. Brand content is also matched to Creators& food content

To complete this circle, we offer a one-tap checkout shopping experience.